Racing Policies

  1. It is a courtesy to the racers not to go through any of the gates on a scheduled race day after the course has been set up. Racers who do so or shadow the course will be disqualified from racing that day.
  2. For Lovejoy Series Racing only Hunt Hollow members, children of Snowsports School instructors, race coaches, ski patrol members or staff will have their race points within their class accumulated for the seven races. All youth participants who race in at least five of the seven races will receive an award, with the top three places in each class receiving a trophy to recognize their overall consistent performance. These same participants will also be eligible for the Lovejoy Trophy and the Chris Cornish Memorial Trophy. Eligibility for the W. T. Hanson Most Improved Skier Award and Mark Cook Most Improved Snowboarder Award is limited to Hunt Hollow members.
  3. At the discretion of the General Manager or Director of Mountain Operations, adult members may set gates for weekday use when a formal racing/training program is not in progress.