The Hunt Hollow Snowsports School invites you, your family and friends to join us for a fun and rewarding learning experience.  Whether you want to start your youngster on skis, learn how to master a snowboard or get ready for the Sunday Lovejoy race, we can help!

For More Information Contact:

Hunt Hollow Snowsports School at 585-374-5428 ext. 5 or snowsports@hunthollow.com.


Ability Levels


Never ever:  Student has never been on skis or snowboard, new to the sport.


Student has skied or ridden before and can turn and stop in either direction in learning area. Still cautious.


Student can ski or ride comfortably on most green trails. Able to turn and stop cautiously on groomed blue. Skill drills are now being used.


Student makes efficient turns on all green and groomed blue. Comfortable with increasing speeds. Able to add more tasks to their skiing/riding.


Student is able to link turns on all blue comfortably and effectively.  May still be cautious on groomed black.


Student is making more dynamic movements on Blue trails, comfortably linking turns on groomed black.

Skiing & Riding is Fun – Skiing & Riding Better is More Fun – We Help You Ski & Ride Better!