Hunt Hollow offers our members a winter sports experience like no other…

Come and see for yourself!

Enjoy a meet & greet and experience Hunt Hollow for a day at 50% OFF!

We are finding that anyone who experiences Hunt Hollow first-hand - loves it!  It offers families and businesses a winter sports experience like no other...
  • Family oriented ski/snowboarding experience
  • No crowds
  • Safe skiing and snowboarding on all its slopes
  • Excellent ski conditions
  • Excellent Snowsports School & Race team programs
  • Relaxing Club atmosphere with personal service
This season, if you think you are interested in a Trial Membership, we are offering a great way for your entire family to experience Hunt Hollow for a day.  We call it our MEET & GREET Program.  You will get a tour of our facilities conducted by one of our knowledgable Ambassadors, ski with a ski instructor and then be able to enjoy Hunt Hollow's relaxed atmosphere for the entire day...all at 50% off the normal price of lift tickets!


To sign up, simply click here to register to schedule your MEET AND GREET day!


Curious about the Hunt Hollow Experience?!

Join as a New Trial member for one year with no commitment or initiation fee required!

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Our Trial Membership Program allows a prospective member to try out the club for the first year without paying the joining fee. Avid skiers and snowboarders such as ourselves want the best value as much as anyone, especially these days, and we believe that our Trial Membership Program provides an outstanding opportunity to join the Hunt Hollow experience.

Here is how the trial membership works: in the first (“trial”) year of skiing and riding at our mountain (November 2017 through the end of the season in 2018), participants will be responsible for paying only their annual dues while enjoying all the skiing and riding benefits of full membership status.

If a trial member wishes to join the club as a full member they may pay the current joining fee at any time prior to April 30, 2018. As an incentive for early payment, if the full amount of the joining fee is paid by April 30, 2018, the new member will receive a 50% discount off of the dues for the 2018-19 season.

Interested family and friends should contact Hunt Hollow by phone/email (585-374-5428 or or fill in this form for pricing information.

If you know of others who might be interested, please send us their contact information and we will follow-up with them. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to the Hunt Hollow experience!

Have you ever considered joining as a business?

Hunt Hollow offers transferable Business Passes!

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