Membership 20/20

Hunt Hollow is introducing a new program called the “20/20 Promotion.”  You, our members, have a unique ability to expose the benefits of our club to new people because your friends trust your judgment and enjoy similar activities. 

How does it work?

Any new member who joins because of your referral will receive 20% off the regular price dues. You will receive an equal credit off your 2019/20 dues. 

For instance, if you are responsible for a new Family joining HH, they will receive a 20% ($600) discount off regular price dues and you will receive a $600 credit on your account next year. 

Pro-rated amounts apply to family, double, and single memberships.  The maximum credit you may receive is the dues amount of your 2019/20 membership class.  This discounted Trial Membership rate is not available to walk-ins or people other than referrals.  It is something special that we are offering you and your friends exclusively.

Sounds good!  What do I do to get started?

1.  Print out the Membership 20/20 Application (see below) and hand it to your friend. 
2.  Have your friend fill it out and mail or email to the business office. 
3.  Easy Peezy