Guest Policies

  1. Hunt Hollow is open to the public on weekdays upon payment of the regular weekday fees.
  2. On the weekend, any member of the Hunt Hollow Corporation, other than a Leave of Absence Member, may host guests upon payment of the regular ticket fee. No charge is made for reasonable use by individual guests of the lodge facilities alone.
  3. The member must personally register the guest at the front desk. If you are unable to be present, a phone call is acceptable and appreciated.
  4. Frequency Rule: An individual may not be a weekend guest more than four times in any one season. There is no limit to guest use on weekdays.
  5. Student Pass Holders may host a guest on weekdays ONLY. 
  6. College Student Passes are available with CURRENT College ID. If you do not have ID we cannot issue you a College Student Pass.
  7. Buddy Passes are availabe to FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS ONLY. Single, Double, Business, Student and Weekday cannot purchase a Buddy Pass.