Lovejoy Family Racing 

Lovejoy Race is the longest running club race in the COUNTRY!!!

Our Lovejoy series is a family affair.  Conducted on Glade seven Sundays throughout the season, it provides an opportunity for every member to enjoy the thrill of racing down the hill through the gates.  We alternate Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (GS) and you can see the latest schedule by visiting our Member Calendar page. 

From our Club Historian:

The Lovejoy race series was inaugurated during the 1970-71 season and named after club founder Frank Lovejoy. (The Lovejoy and Joyride trails are also named in recognition of Frank Lovejoy.)

Two identical hand-carved trophies were obtained in Oberammergau, Germany and were awarded annually to the top male and female racer competing in the Lovejoy Series.

One of the trophies was presented to Dr. Lovejoy in appreciation for his service to the club. Both trophies today can be seen in the display case near the Snowsports desk.

Awards plaques listing all top skiers in the series can be seen today on the rafters in the Main Room.

Please join us - whether 3 years old or 70+, we all have a blast!

Registration begins on January 7th (10-Noon) in the South Room. Once you are registered you are given a bib for the season. You do not need to re-register every week...just show up to the start of the race on Glade. Registration is held each Sunday before the race from 9:30-11:30am.

Bibs need to be returned at the end of the last race. 

At the end of the season, we have an award ceremony for those who completed AT LEAST five races. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS. Plan accordingly.

All children that are part of the HHRT program are automatically registered and assigned a bib number. All others need to register.

Read Lovejoy Race Policies here.